Leadmark brings a unique and powerful approach to marketing performance

Leadmark brings a unique and powerful approach to marketing performance by combining Consumer Data, Marketing Mix Modeling & Attribution to provide marketing decision support that optimizes both short term marketing impact as well as long term brand equity driven sales.
With our proven intelligence platform you succeed faster time to market, lower implementation costs and more efficient operations by combining industry-specific data connectors, reports and data models to maximize marketing & commercial effectiveness.

When the forces of sales and marketing combine, the impact can be incredible. Together, they have the power to boost market share, increase revenue, lower costs and improve overall business performance.
That’s impact where it matters. And, in collaboration with our clients, that’s exactly the kind of impact Leadmark delivers

Our ongoing commitment for your success.

As part of the Marketing Mix Modeling analysis process, Leadmark works with you to optimize your marketing plans and to meet your business goals of improved revenue, sales and profit. Plus, as a commitment to our partnership and your success, we will monitor and periodically assess the impact of newly executed marketing plans to assess progress and continually improve top-line revenue and business performance.  In addition, Marketing intelligence platform will provide you with your model specifications, key model insights, a business monitoring dashboard and tools for planning and optimization.

We have been developed marketing mix models with global, acclaimed strategists, analysts and statisticians, and can be customized for any type of client in Greece. Our experience to each marketing & media channel is that the best models balance real world and evolving business challenges with a disciplined statistical approach. Additionally, effective modeling requires experienced oversight of data sources and data hygiene standards. Leadmark is highly intuitive, modeling with our tools requires a fundamental level of knowledge and experience in working with the data, statistics, and analytic algorithms.

Our platform makes simple to collect your audience and performance data, analyze marketing and advertising tactics on combination with customer and prospect attributes, support marketer to optimize budgets, and deliver coordinated experiences.