We produce the most relevant and accurate insights of historical and future Retail drivers

Leadmark’s powerful data management and modeling capabilities enable us to collect, manage and model leveraging terabytes of data at the Retail store, sku and daily level. This allows us to produce the most relevant and accurate insights of historical and future drivers related to media, circular, promotion and pricing decisions.

We have the answers to the main business objectives and crutial questions such as:

  • How much to invest in marketing to achieve traffic, sales and profit objectives by category and for the total store?
  • What is the impact of operational factors (store reformat, manager tenure, labor, etc…) and external factors (competition, weather, macroeconomic, etc…)?
  • What is optimal mix of marketing investments?
  • How do operations (manager tenure, reformats) impact sales in retail marketing models?
  • How to optimize circular execution by market (e.g. number of pages, circulation, and share of space)?
  • How to improve the execution of each marketing tactic (creative, timing, execution, synergies, etc…)?
  • How would a change in marketing investments/execution impact future sales?
  • How to ensure appropriate attribution across online and offline media?
  • How to balance marketing investments to drive brick and mortar sales and ecommerce sales?
  • How can I target consumer segments with the right media? Everyday price? Promotional tactics?
  • What are the right price points to maximize traffic, sales and profits by category and for the total store?
  • How often should I price promote and at what depth to achieve my sales and profit targets?
  • What items are synergistic that can be bundled and promoted together for incremental sales?
  • What price thresholds and price gaps pose the most risk to my sales and brand position?