Leadmark’s insights help clients acquire, retain, and up-sell customers

Leadmark’s insights help clients acquire, retain, and up-sell customers as well as retain valuable customers and minimize attrition. Marketing mix results and recommendations can also help clients increase usage and frequency and influence customers to upgrade service levels and products.

We have the answers to main marketing question such as:

  • How does media drive gross adds, revenue, retention by sales channel?
    What is the impact of each above the line media vehicle (TV, Print, Radio, etc…)?
  • What is the ROI for each above the line activity?
  • What is the optimal mix of media investments?
  • How is my business impacted by competition and other factors such as the economy?
  • How to improve the effectiveness/ROI of each media vehicles (products and services to advertise, which programming best supports the messaging, which day-parts are most effective, etc…)
  • What is the halo impact of marketing other lines of business on mobile?
  • What is the impact of BTL (Below the line) marketing like POS, events, sponsorship and co-marketing?
  • Conduct “What-if” scenario planning and war gaming exercises.
  • How do handset subsidies impact adds, average lifetime value, and retention?
  • What marketing and promotional tactics drive higher value customers?
  • What is the effect of new product introductions and innovation on long term sales?
  • How can you best exploit synergies between direct marketing and mass media?
  • How do network coverage and quality and customer support impact retention?